Welcome to my studio. This is where I spend my free time, where I go when the girls are napping, where me and my introverted self get to be alone. It is my happy place.
SewJourners had it’s humble beginnings in our basement guest bedroom, crammed between the egress window and the queen sized bed.  With multiple orders coming in per day within weeks of opening shop, it soon became apparent that SewJourners needed its own dedicated space.  At that time we only had one child and planned to have any future children share a bedroom, so we moved the studio to the other upstairs bedroom. It was still decorated from the previous owners and the beautiful artwork needed to come down.

Now the room has grown to what it is today.
First and foremost, the sewing station.  I keep my product labels in the tin Ikea bins under the thread shelves.  The small glass jar holds only the tools I use all the time for my everyday sewing needs; Thread snips, seam ripper, detail scissors, gauge, screw driver and pencils.  And then the sewing machine.  I started my shop with an old White beginners machine that I got off Craig’s List for $10.  Soon after that my sales commanded a better workhorse and I replaced it with a Janome DC1050.  Last winter I bought the Baby Lock Ellure Plus sewing and embroidery machine.  As a business owner it is imperative to have two machines.  I love to offer my customers fast turn-around and I need to be able to fall back on another machine if I run into any problems with one.
The ironing board is one of my space-saving ideas.  It also gives me a little more height, which my 6′ build is thankful for.  The bins mostly hold my raw materials like pacifier clips and elastics.  My stash of knits and apparel fabrics is housed here as well.  The bottom shelves hold toys for my guests whenever I have the pleasure of entertaining an early riser.

Don’t be fooled though.  In reality this means my time in the studio is done for the day.
The cutting station looks like it needs a pop of color, but when it is strewn with fabrics it is quite colorful.  It is an old counter-height table purchased off consignment.  I bought it because we needed the chairs. The table itself was all nicked up and wobbly.  With a little reinforcement it made a great cutting table.  I feel no remorse for the table when the roller runs off the self-healing mat and into the wood, just for the poor rotary blade.
Lastly, my packaging station/serger table If you’ve ever ordered from me on Etsy you may recognize some of the materials I use to package the items.  I like to make the packaging appealing and gift-able so it’s exciting for whoever opens it.

To the left of the packaging station is my closet.  It can get a
little crammed, but I’m always working to keep it organized and making sure to rotate out what I don’t use. As any crafter knows, that is really hard.  There is always an ambitious list of things to make and the supplies are so addicting.  In addition I buy everything in bulk to take advantage of wholesale pricing and because everything I make has the potential to end up in my shop.
Look at all of those lovely fabrics 🙂

Well hopefully you enjoyed your little peak into how I run my WAHM small business.  I entirely skipped the business element which is a part I truly enjoy, given my background in finance and supply chain. I wouldn’t want to bore you with those details though.  Plus there aren’t any pictures just graphs and charts and stuff 🙂

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