Handcrafted Shirt Dress

My girls are still at the age where I get to pick out what they wear. I am told it won’t be long though before they try and take over their closet.  I figure as long as I make their clothes I can maintain a pretty strong input.  If they want something else, well they can learn to make it themselves. Win-win no?

I used Allison Glass Handcrafted fabric for this shirt dress.  Isn’t it a lovely print? Actually it’s not printed so the fabric is actually double sided which is an added bonus.  Batik cottons have more drape than quilting cotton and I was excited to try it out on this pattern from Five and Ten Designs.  (Vol. III, Look #5)

I like the gathering at the shoulders.  It will look even better once she fills it in a little more.

The first shirt I made her was way too big.  I knew it would be.  The size chart indicated that she should fit the 18mo. even though she wears 3T clothing.  I went ahead and made a 3T figuring if it was too big she can always wear it later.  I used Penny in Beet for the fabric.

Except for the fit I love how it turned out.  For the second shirt I still couldn’t make myself go down the the 24mo. so I made it in 2T with some minor adjustments.  It still fits her rather large, but I know it won’t be long before she out-grows it…sniff sniff.  Plus this will also be great in the fall with a cardigan and some boots.

Of course when I finished the dress I couldn’t find matching leggings, so I whipped up a pair from a reject shirt in the up-cycle pile.  It helped that I just repurposed the bottom hem to save time.

She gave the ensemble a run for it’s money.

She also enjoyed having me follow her around with the camera.

“Take a picture mommy! Take a picture mommy! Take a….” Oh you know, maybe 8-10 times.


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