I absolutely LOVE this weather!  There is a cool breeze, but the sun shines and the grass is green.  We can wear long sleeves, but with shorts and sandals.  Drink morning lattes, but with pumpkin spice…Speaking of pumpkin spice, that is the name of this Dolman top.
I got a pink dolman top in my first Stitch Fix.  It has been my favorite shirt for a couple years now.  The loose fit is oh so comfy, not to mention modest and flattering. It’s been perfect for my ever changing mom needs; the first half of pregnancy and then postpartum and nursing.   It doesn’t hug the arm pits which is great for healthy sweaters like myself.  The loose sweater knit is very breathable making it perfect all year round.  Not too hot, not too cold.
All that said, I wanted another one.  After several Google searches I learned the style is called a dolman.  Unfortunately I couldn’t find one.  Then I decided to make one.  I really could have just copied the shirt I had, but I’ve been focusing on the discipline of following patterns lately and I found a pattern specifically for a dolman so I went for it.  The pattern is from Patterns for Pirates.
The fabric is a hacci sweater knit from Girl Charlee.  It is a little shear, and yes you can see my brown shirt underneath.  I’ll go with a lighter one next time but if I wait until then to post this it’ll never happen, because well, I’m a mom.
And my kiddos need me.  Fortunate enough for me this shirt lets me do my job with style and function.
Like any pattern I follow or shirt I copy I had to add length.  That’s the main reason I took up sewing in the first place, to make custom clothing that fits my 6′ frame, and makes me feel somewhat normal, haha.  I added 3″ to the overall length of the shirt.  I intended to add 2″ to the sleeves, but I took a break just before the sleeves to change a diaper or nurse or something like that and when I came back I dove right in and forgot to make the sleeves longer.  Instead of cutting them off and making new ones I just added a cuff.  I love having a long sleeved shirt hit past the wrists.  It feels so cozy.
I also tapered the hips so they would be somewhat fitted like the top I got in my Stitch Fix.  So yeah, I didn’t follow the pattern very closely this time.  Whoops.  I will make another one with the elbow pads in a jersey knit next and plan to follow the pattern design more then.
I know what you are thinking. You are done looking at the shirt and really want to see this cuteness:

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