Homemade “Where the Heart Is” Leggings

Last week we took daddy to the “airplane-port”. The girls were excited only because they got to see big airplanes and they didn’t really comprehend that they were going to be stuck at home for a week. alone. with me.  Otherwise they would have been distraught for sure.

Fortunately for everyone the week went well.  We had fun and there were no melt downs. Huge victory for a house full of girls.


They were even more enthusiastic about picking him up from the “airplane port” than they were about dropping him off.  I can’t remember but I may have dressed them in these leggings to pick him up as well.  When you are determined to make as many of your kids’ clothes as possible that might mean loads (haha) of laundry until you build the right sized stash.

The beautiful heart fabric is from Sew Caroline’s Happy Home line available here.  I’m pretty sure my heart skipped a beat when I first felt the silky smooth knit threads between my fingers. I didn’t know non-commercial sewists could get their hands on such perfection. It has 5% spandex which is perfect for stretch and recovery and I cannot say enough good things about the quality of this Art Gallery fabric, not to mention coral is my favorite color…well coral and turquoise. Yes it costs about twice as much per yard as the knits in my stash from Girl Charlee, but there is absolutely NO comparison! Worth every penny for sure!


So far I’ve made them matching leggings, headbands and sweatshirts from this happy fabric.  I’ll tell you about the sweatshirts in my next post, and here is a good leggings tutorial. Leggings were one of the first knit projects I tackled and they are a wardrobe staple for little girls. I whip up leggings for my daughters whenever I have the right fabric or can’t find pants to match their outfits. They are really easy, much easier than trying to get a picture of both your little divas smiling, or even looking at the camera at the same time for that matter!


Here is the direct link to the Where the Heart Is knit fabric from my Etsy shop.


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