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I’ve been on a raglan sewing spree these last couple weeks. 11 so far, with 2 more in process. They are so much fun to make because of the fabric pairing options and how quick they are to put together. My daughter needed a handful of shirts for this winter and I wanted a versatile pattern that is easy and functional for my little fireball.
I chose the Recess Raglan by See Kate Sew for my daughter’s shirts. I liked all the options and I added a few of my own as well.
Of course I had to have a matching one. I had been eyeing the ever-so-popular-for-a-very-good-reason Lane Raglan by Hey June, and I have been so so happy with it. I’ve already made 5! More about that in another post…
The Recess Raglan has you start by attaching the cuff to the open faced sleeve. My guess is that it is to avoid hemming in the round since child-sized sleeves are pretty small. But then you have a seam sticking out on the end of the cuff. If you are working with a small sleeve you can always try this trick for hemming in the round:
Starred Photos3Since the construction of the Recess Raglan was opposite to my preference I didn’t really follow the instructions. However the pattern pieces were spot on for fit and the format and drawings on the pattern were clear, organized and easy to follow along visually. There are a total of 10 pattern pages to print.
For variations there are 5 sleeve options including hemmed or cuffed, elbow or long and a button tab.
On this french terry version I added a couple inches to the length for an oversized sweatshirt/dress look. I also put a triangle on the neckline and added a kangaroo pocket.  The kangaroo pocket pattern piece is from the Hatteras Hoodie by Hey June. This is also a sneak peak at something I have in the works, coming soon…
For this one I added a ruffle to the bottom. It was pretty easy.
I just did this:

  1. Cut two strips 50% longer than the width of the bodice pieces and 3″ in length. Sew short ends together, right sides facing.
  2. Press the bottom edge up 1/4″ and hem.
  3. Sew a gathering stitch on the top edge, and gather to the width of the shirt.
  4. Clip the ruffle to the shirt raw edges together and right sides facing. Sew. Done.

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Using that same method you can turn this into a dress. Just make the bodice an inch or two shorter for a drop waist, making the ruffle about 7″ long or take 2/3 off the bottom of the bodice and add that additional amount to the skirt. The possibilities are endless!
I also altered the method for attaching the button tab. I simply sewed it right into the cuff seam like this! No extra steps. I should have made it an inch shorter though.
For this shirt I didn’t even sew the button tab in. I just attached it when I put the snap in. This way I wouldn’t have the seam showing through since I didn’t cuff it. Also one less step, win-win.
I couldn’t help myself with the mommy and me’s. I’m also working on dolly version by just scaling the pattern down, but I can’t check it for size right now because her doll is all wrapped up.
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