The SAHM dress code can be a tricky one. Comfort is key, along with the ability to withstand frequent bouts with all sorts of bodily fluids, crawling around on hands and knees with children treating you like a bucking bronco and that occasional  moment you sit on the rejected skin of your toddlers apple slice from yesterday, or step in tater tots bathed in ketchup. Conversely you have to be prepared for those moments when you need to get the mail, video chat with the grandparents, go to the gym or a walk to the park. So business attire usually involves a pair of jeans or yoga pants paired with a raglan and/or a hoodie. Real life decisions.
Then there are child sick days…enter business casual.
It’s pajama pants all day long.
Only I’ve never owned a pair of pajama pants that were long enough for me. I recently had a pair of flannels that made it to my ankles, which wasn’t acceptable but was doing the job. That is until last week when they had an unfortunate run-in with the dryer. They will become shorts in their second life.
DSC_0012-003A new pair of PJs got bumped to the top of my list and these lovelies are the result. I used the FREE PJ pattern from 5 out of 4 Patterns. The fit was spot on, and you can’t beat free! This is a unisex pattern, so I made the low rise in a small and then added another inch to the XL length. I love that they are just a little too long. When you’ve spent your whole life wearing things that are too short, too long feels luxurious.
Speaking of luxurious, this fabric is Table Flowers in voile  by Sew Caroline. And it’s available in my shop! Plus I’m currently running a Valentine’s Day promo for free shipping with a fabric purchase of 4 yards or more!  The code is HAPPYVALENTINES.
I’m so glad I used voile. I usually get pretty hot at night during the winter because we have the heat on, so flannel and knit pants aren’t very appealing, but neither are shorts. This voile is so lightweight and breathable it’s perfect!DSC_0025-001

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