I only just started sewing clothes for my kids this fall. So I’ve been building my pattern base over the last couple months. I wanted a set of go to patterns for everyday play-clothes and then a few for special occasions. For tops I chose two basic t-shirt patterns, a raglan (which I talked about here), and a regular sleeve t-shirt. For the standard t-shirt I chose the Adventure Tee* by Go To Patterns because it has all. the. options.
Seriously, There are separate patterns for a straight hem and a high-low hem and then additional front bodice patterns for each of those with a high neckline and standard neckline. There are three collars one for each neckline and one to make a henley with a button placket. And then there are 8 sleeve options. Yup, 8. Count ’em:
1. Cap, 2. Short, 3. Long, 4. Elbow, 5. cuffed 3/4, 6. Rolled with tab, 7. Gathered short, 8. Gathered long.
It also mentions a 9th sleeve double layer option, but since there aren’t any dedicated instructions for the double layer I didn’t count it because you can really do that with any pattern that gives you a short and long sleeve. I just attached both sleeves at the same time in the layered shirt pictured above.
I was glad this pattern had a gathered sleeves option since I didn’t have one of those yet. Only I didn’t get a good picture of the sleeves I did. Her hair is so long now it covers them up. This is the best I got.
DSC_0051-002 copy.JPG
The rest of the pictures are all like this. Look at that hair! I need to cut it, but I’m procrastinating. Because, well I’ve never cut hair. I’ve never cut the hair of a child. I’ve never cut the hair of a child that cannot sit still. So it remains uncut. But it’s unruly hair I tell ya.
Even though this pattern already has all the options you need to make something completely different each time for years, I still went ahead and hacked it into a dress.
Since my daughter has enough winter clothes now I wanted a dress that would work into the summer so I sized up to a 4T. Well it’s way too big. It was even 2″ longer than this and had a very nice hem, but I folded that up and basted it down for now. Also since taking the pictures I re-serged at the waist so the checks would line up better. (I’m not OCD). I’m still used to kids growing out of sizes every few months since that’s how it was her first 2 years. I keep expecting her to be done with 3T, but it’s actually her perfect size right now.
So this dress is big on her (my fault), but I still like it. I love the buffalo check knit from Raspberry Creek Fabric’s club line. I had so many fabric pairing ideas in my head for it, but eventually went with a simple dress that could we could accessorize for many different looks.
It matches almost anything so it layers over and under solids beautifully. When warmer weather comes and it still fits her, (which it will) she can wear it alone with a bright pair of Mary Janes, tennis shoes, or most likely Keen sandals.
So those are the first three items I’ve made from this pattern. She’s set for the rest of the winter and I haven’t started spring sewing yet because I want to see what size they will be, but this pattern will be a staple for sure.
Once again, you can find it right here.
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