Baby E rarely get’s new clothes. That’s the beauty of having two girls! But recently she got to participate in a few pattern tests with me so she’s finagled herself a new fancy wardrobe in the process. She’s a sneaky one!
This post is about the Baby Cheyenne Ultimate Ruffle T-shirt, and here is the other post for Pocketful of Posies.
Here she’s modeling the Baby Cheyenne’s Ultimate Ruffle Tshirt from Simple Life Pattern company. SLPco is celebrating it’s 1 year anniversary today with a big sale on ALL of their patterns and an epic pattern release, including downsized patterns of their popular children’s versions just for babies. SLPco is one of my top two favorite designers for children’s PDF patterns. I have a top two for different reasons. SLPco is there because their patterns go the extra distance to make girls clothes feminine and beautiful. Granted details take more work, but they deliver!
For this floral top, I went with the simpler version. It just has the bottom sleeve ruffle. You can skip the ruffles all together and there are also sleeveless, short and 3/4 length options. *Note since this was from testing, the sleeves are a little too long and cut lines have since been added to the pattern to differentiate lengths if you are adding ruffles.
For my second top I went for the ultimate ruffles!
There are three layers of sleeve ruffles and two neck ruffles. They are finished with a rolled hem on the serger. Because knit doesn’t fray you don’t have to do the rolled hem, but these little details make a big difference!
The floral is Art Gallery Whispy Daybreak from Peek-a-Boo Fabric shop. I just love this print and I’m trying to use it to the very last scrap.
The skirt pattern is the Skip Along Skort from Peek-a-Boo Patterns (PAB). (Can you tell PAB is the other designer in my top two for children’s patterns?) You’ve already seen a similar skirt here, but this is just for kids. I loved the adult version I made for my friend so much that I had to replicate it for my girls! I should have left the pockets off since Baby E is too young to care, but I really do like the Birch Organic Daisy Bedstorm as an accent for the pockets.
The navy striped fabric is from Raspberry Creek FabricsClub line, and the navy and mustard solids are from Peek-a-Boo Fabric again.
I was really excited to be given the opportunity to test the Baby Cheyenne. The Simple Life Pattern company is top notch, and today is the day to try them out if you haven’t yet. I have had my eye on Braxton’s Blazer and am super pumped to be able to purchase that today. Yay!
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