Back in early November I made this dress for a very special occasion for a very special someone. I was going to be an aunt again! For the fourth time in one year! No, your eyes aren’t playing tricks on you. This dress is a size 7. My sister and her husband have been doing foster care for several years, and last year they had the privilege of adopting 3 of the children they had been caring for and loving as their own for so long.
The time was drawing near for the adoption of the final two children. I wanted to be involved, but we live so far away. Then I realized I could make a small supportive gesture by making my niece something new just for her that she could wear on that momentous day. I was quite new to the world of PDF patterns, and hadn’t found the online sewing community yet. I had some ideas in my head and I was going to work with a paper pattern that I was not very excited about at first. I kept feeling like I was forcing it, so I did another online search and that’s when I found Simple Life Pattern Company. Once I found them I started getting really excited. Their style was perfect for what I had in mind and Phoebe’s Drop Waist dress stood out to me as the perfect dress to showcase the fabric I wanted to use.
Yes I made something for the boys too. They got matching ties. I used the free tie pattern form Fishsticks Designs. I mean a dress for the girl, ties for the boys, that’s fair right???
The most fitting part about this dress was the To Live by Love fabric from SewCaroline’s Happy Home line. The words are just perfect for this occasion: Chosen, Home, Love, Family, Warmth, Happiness… Talk about tailor-made! My new niece and nephews have been chosen by God to be loved and welcomed into my sister and brother-in-law’s family and home.

Talia in her adoption dress
Photo courtesy of her father and used with permission.

I used the Table Flowers viole for the top tier of the skirt and I love how it lays against the other quilting cottons. It has a soft wispy drape that shines when it hits the light just right. I used Grass in Moonlight for the connector because I knew it would still be seen at times and I wanted it to work with everything else. And then I used Grass in Sunlight for the waist band, bow and the boys’ ties. I got the Birch organic knit fabric locally, but it can be found here.
*All the Happy Home fabrics are currently on sale in my shop for Valentine’s Day for 15% off using code VDAYFABRIC. And Simple Life Pattern Company is having an anniversary sale right now and this pattern is 40% off.
And even though I doted on their sister, here’s a shot of brother in his tie.
Tommy in a tie
Photo courtesy of his father and used with permission

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