The Baby Sarah Ann’s Cuff Leggings and Capris take leggings to a whole new level. In typical Simple Life Pattern Company style these leggings offer frills, class, sophistication, and style. Be it one or all of those, that’s up to you.
Edit: This is now available in girls sizes as well.

The pattern is on new-release sale until Sunday so now is your chance to get them!
They run from 0-3 months up to 18-24 months. Tested by lots of moms with littles, the fit has sufficient room for the diaper. The pattern is drafted with a yoga waist band and cuffs, so the simple version takes all of 10 minutes. The one with all the options took me a lot longer, but there are so many different variations. This next shot shows the capri length with all the options: Bow cuff with ruffle and button tab with button tab ruffle….whew.
So you can do everything like I did here, or any combination you want. Add in all the fabric pairing options and the possibilities are endless! But if endless possibilities is too stressful, then just go with one solid color knit and you can’t go wrong.
Many testers did a quick bow cuff version that is very fast to sew up and still so much cuter than regular leggings! Check them out in the pattern photos. I will make that version for my staple leggings if I don’t have time to take them to the next level. I made this turquoise pair for little sister’s Birthday. I can’t wait to share the rest of the dress with you, but alas it hasn’t released yet. Since they were birthday leggings I had to go big or go home. I’m so glad I did! I love how they look in one solid color!
This mustard pair I made to coordinate with her Baby Cheyenne’s Ultimate Ruffle Shirt. I like having multiple items that I can mix and match. So now you know why you keep seeing me make things in these fabrics. Plus I need to use every last scrap of the Whispy Daybreak, because it is that awesome. I added the bottom ruffle so it would work better with leggings. So now Baby Cheyenne’s ultimate ruffle shirt just got even more ruffles!
Little sister took some more of her first steps during this shoot. To commemorate I made her these mocs. Actually I made them so she would have shoes to wear in the photo shoot, but in the end I decided they took away from the leggings so she went barefoot. These are the Lil’ Papoose Moccasins by Peek-a-boo Pattern shop. Unbelievably fast sew! I just would have preferred a heavier weight leather than what I used here. Also I added the bow detail myself by making the center tab a little longer to accommodate the extra leather.
So back to these leggings. I had to make one more pair. We were all packed and ready to leave for California when I decided little sister needed a new pair of Home is Where the Heart Is leggings. She had outgrown her last pair and I wanted her to match her sister. I made them in record time, because – no hems. Unfortunately this is the only picture I have of her in them. Whoops.
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