I know I’ve been MIA for the past 2 months. We took a family trip to California and then when we got back it was warm and my oldest daughter didn’t have any spring clothes so I had to get busy. Oh and there was my daughters first birthday! (I’ll have a post just for that once her birthday dress pattern releases ;)) Then there was my birthday… blah blah.
So big sister hardly has anything to wear. A smart mom-sewer would first whip up a few t-shirts and basic shorts to get her started. I however was itching to cut into some absolutely stunning Art Gallery fabrics and nothing highlights them better than Simple Life Pattern Company patterns. They can always be a quick sew, but they can also be jazzed up so nicely. I find myself thinking “Oh I’ll just add a ruffle, no big deal” and then I end up turning it into a big project.
Despite opting for the patterns with all the details, I still made a couple practical decisions. First I made a reversible Ayda! Yes, it’s two dresses in one, for two completely different looks.
The Ayda pattern is not normally reversible, but it has a fully lined bodice so all I did to make it reversible was add a circle skirt for the lining side too. Then when I attached the bodice to the skirt I slipped the extra skirt inside the bodice sandwiching the bodice between both circle skirts. After I attached the skirts I pressed the hem in on both skirts and top-stiched them together along the hem.
I also made double sided sleeve ruffles. I just put them together wrong sides facing and rolled hemmed them as one.
Here my little movie star is modeling the playful version. I used the amazingly smooth and soft Art Gallery denim in Ditsy Abrasion that I got through preorder from Punkin Head Threads. It is definitely my favorite! You can find it in stock at Peekaboo Fabric Shop.
The shorts are Breanna’s Peekaboo shorts, capris, and pants. I made them with the cool foliage denim and the ties are nectarine sunrise. I also added 1.5″ to the length because I can. So I did.
The denim is a heavier quilting weight so it’s pretty lightweight but feels sturdier than a quilting cotton. Her Ayda has two layers of it and see how beautifully it lays and how effortlessly it twirls?
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For her glam look I used the same cool foliage that I used for the shorts. Look at that soft sheen on the fabric. It’s even so much better in person and completely justifies your need to buy more fabric 😛
Her leggings are a mash-up of the Baby Sarah Ann Cuff Leggings and the Free Leggin’s from Love Notions. The Sarah Ann Leggings were only available in baby sizes when I made this. Now they go up to size 12 and are available here. The knit is Sprayed Blooms from Sew Caroline’s Chalk and Paint Line and the ruffles and button tab are also in the cool foliage denim.
Pictures of this look are scarce. My posh little two year old is off. No time to say hello, goodbye…
My goal with her spring & summer wardrobe is to create mix and match outfits so that each item pairs with 2 or 3 other items. Capsule wardrobe style. This is what I have so far for these fabrics. The chalk and paint top is Phoebe’s drop waist. I just lengthen the bodice and skipped the skirt. Baby sister got a few matching pieces too.
Next up in spring wardrobe 2016 is this outfit.
The skirt is Pepper’s Peekaboo Ruffle skirt. This is such an amazing skirt. It’s so feminine and there are endless possibilities with fabric pairing. All those gathers and rolled hems though, it’s a labor of love 😀 The fabric is from Sew Caroline’s Happy Home line. I have them all available in my shop and the Forget Me Not Romance print is on clearance too, along with several others. Check it out!
The tank is the free Cami’s Tank pattern. She’s wearing it backwards though because the front was too low. Hopefully if I size down next time that will help. I tend to size up when I’m not testing so they have room to grow.
I love how versatile Braxton’s blazer is. It’s perfect for spring here since it’s often windy and always unpredictable. It is fully reversible and has two back options. I made the tulip style.
But wait, there’s more! I made another Ayda with fabric from Katarina Roccella’s line Avantgarde, along with Emilya’s Skinny Pants. This Ayda is the bare bones simple version, and I used the modest back option on both Aydas. This was a really quick sew and her wardrobe is going to be full of them soon! There are also some pretty fancy versions of this top with lace that I will get around to some day…
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The pants were supposed to be capris, and skinny, but I sized up after reading some concerns about them being tight. They still fit her fine, but they are a little looser and longer than intended. The top is also a little big. Her measurements are actually smaller than a 2T with a 4T length. I didn’t want to grade over two sizes so a made a 3T with 4T length. When I made the denim version I went ahead and did a 2T with 4T length and I like the fit on that better. You’ll see more of the Avantgarde outfits when I post the birthday pics. Stay tuned!
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