Last weekend we got some much appreciated rain. This morning the grass was very green. As we drove to the gym we noticed the other affects of the rain – dandelions! The school park was just covered with them. As a mom of young children, dandelions, among other seemingly negative things (like snow) become magical.
As we drove past the field I told the girls we would stop there on the way home and collect them. They were delighted. DSC_3231
I normally don’t like to attempt anything that might interfere with nap time, but this was an exception. The cloud cover was an added bonus.
I taught big sis how to blow the seeds off the stem and she was enamored!
She would pick one, blow on it and then stick it in her bucket.
Every so often peering inside to admire her growing collection.
Little sis showed a portion of the same interest, though hunger was setting in. The crackers did the trick in keeping her engaged.
So this post isn’t about their clothes, but since they happened to be wearing mommy-made items (surprise, surprise) I thought I would share.
Little sister’s adorable little bunny pants are the soon to be released Wild and Free lounge pants by Coffee and Thread. That’s all I’m going to tell you right now. They will get their own post when they release on Thursday!
Big sister’s skirt is a modified Skip Along Skort (aff links) from Peek-a-Boo patterns. It’s inspired by another pattern that I liked, but I wanted to use what I have and just make modifications. The sizing on Peek-a-Boo Patterns is always spot on and the base design is the same. I just had to add a bottom band and side panels with a pocket. They are nice big pockets which are easy for toddlers and will hold a lot of treasures!
I picked the main fabric especially for her. It’s from The Very Hungry Caterpillar. She loves that book, and had the whole thing memorized within a short time of her sister getting it for Christmas. However when it came time to get dressed this morning as she was putting it on she asked me to make her a pair of leggings like her sister’s….sigh. The shirt is the Adventure Tee from GoTo Patterns. I really should have gotten a Hungry Caterpillar panel to make a matching shirt, but I’m keeping my fabric habit in check these days.
After our quick adventure and lots of running around, the girls had good naps. I’m calling it a win!

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