I got to sew up this lovely Darling Ranges Dress by Megan Nielsen as a sample for my local fabric shop. I loved having the opportunity to sew a sample for them, even if it does mean I have to say “see you later” to this little number until a later date. We chose this Poppies in pool from Birch’s Double Gauze collection. I’m a sucker for all these hues of Jade, and this is a great spring print with the double gauze being favorable to summer temps as well. Bonus I’m participating in the #sewtogetherforsummer shirt dress challenge and the #wardrobebuilder challenge and this dress counts for both of them!
The pattern itself is pretty straightforward, and this is a faster version of a shirtdress since it bypasses the collar. It also has a straighter silhouette shirtdress option with no waistline or gathers and there is a top as well, so really a lot of variety in one pattern. I am planning to make the other shirtdress is a solid chambray.
For adjustments I added interfacing to the button placket. I tissue fitted the pattern to make my fit adjustments. I added 4″ overall to the length which is pretty normal for my 6′ frame, however I added 3″ of them to the bodice and only 1″ to the skirt which I think was a little disproportionate. But now it hits me at the waist right where it should. I had to add 2″ above the bust darts and 1″ in the dart. I noticed length discrepancies with this Amber dress as well. I also did a broad back adjustment. This was my first time doing one. My whole life I have found woven clothing to be uncomfortable. I always chalked it up to them being way to short for me, but I realized that whenever I lift my arms I feel a lot of restriction in my back over my shoulder blades. I’m really excited now that I have that figured out. A broad back adjustment is quite simple and I ended up adding 1″ to the pattern which is 2″ overall. That also was a lot I think, but my measurements fit the small size perfectly so sizing up wasn’t a consideration.
I have some drag lines in the front going straight from the top button to my arm pit. It feels as though it’s a little too tight there. I didn’t make any bust adjustments because I’m nursing so that is a moving target. But I am not convinced that would entirely solve this. I did bring the neckline up about a half inc too, and that could be the problem, but I’ve noticed this on other versions of this dress that I’ve seen people post.
This dress is semi fitted at the waist and has ties in the back to make it more fitted. I really like the flexibility and comfort that delivers. The ties are a little short so I couldn’t make a bow at least by myself. I would make them longer next time. The pockets are big and comfortable making this a great every day dress for the stay at home mom. I also am glad I had enough length to be able to do the 2″ hem that is a design feature. I really like it.
This Birth double gauze is semi-opaque and I opted to wear a slip rather than line it, but lining could be an option. Overall I’m very pleased with the dress. I also want to make a collared shirt dress this summer, but I really like the silhouette this V-neck provides. It’s perfect for summer.


  1. thepetitepassions Reply

    What a lovely silhouette. I wasn’t sure about this dress pattern but you’ve convinced me it’s worth a try! Perfect for spring.

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