Lane Raglan and Hudson Pants

I started a mini series a few weeks ago to highlight my dream team patterns. Up today is the Lane Raglan. However while I was sourcing some of my favorite comfort fabrics for this post, I got sidetracked with the samples I ordered from The Fabric Fairy and totally spun this into a Hudson Pants fabric comparison. You’ll see why after I share my Lane.

Heads up, Meg (the fairy) graciously sponsored the fabric for this post and is offering a coupon code to my readers, so stay with me! You may know The Fabric Fairy as an excellent source for swim fabrics, but she also has a wide selection of active-wear fabrics that I love.


The Lane Raglan by Hey June is probably my most sewn pattern of the three in the dream team. (Halifax, Union St., and the Lane) Evidenced here:

It is the perfect blank slate pattern with options like a hood and thumbhole cuffs. Raglans are popular for color blocking, but my favorites have been my athletic versions in one solid color. Or in this case, no color at all.


White may seem impractical for a mom of three little ones, but if motherhood has taught me anything, it’s that Oxi Clean (affiliate link) works magic! This Lane was going to be a hoodie, but as I felt the buttery soft bamboo fibers I decided I wanted a Nikko Top out of it too, so I traded the hood for the Nikko (coming to the blog soon) and I’m so glad, because I really like the wide neck of a sized-up french terry Lane.


This is the White Bamboo French Terry. It is a Bamboo/Organic Cotton/Lycra blend that I’ve used before here. Bamboo/spandex is all the rage right now. It is a buttery soft fabric with excellent drape. I have a preference for blends with cotton as well because in my opinion they glide over bumps rather than cling to them. This particular french terry is a medium weight. I love this for a sweatshirt, but as you’ll see, it’s also good for the Hudson Pants by True Bias.

I just recently upgraded to the Hudson’s from another jogger. The Hudsons suits my taste and even my athletic build with its slim calf and ease at the thigh. The waistband construction and pocket style are the gravy on top.


While sourcing fabric for my Lane I picked up a swatch of the Dry Flex Fleece (available in 5 colors). As I stretched the fleece fibers and watched them snap right back into shape I kept thinking about the Hudsons. Though it would have made a great sweatshirt, The 4-way stretch and magnificent recovery screamed joggers to me. It’s an active-wear fleece with hi-wick properties. The poly fibers give it that smooth face common in performance wear, and the fleece side is really soft. I decided I wanted to compare joggers in the fleece with joggers in the bamboo french terry that I already know and love. So I picked up the fleece in bluestone, and the french terry in the charcoal again.

2018 02 23_HudsonsLane_2344text

I’m going to spill the beans and tell you that both fabrics are excellent choices for joggers. The difference boils down to natural vs. synthetic fibers. The dry-flex fleece is engineered for athletic wear, longevity, durability, and hi-wick performance. The bamboo cotton is a blend of mostly natural fibers designed to be wearable and breathable. Both are made for comfort. The wrong side of both fabrics is super soft and feels wonderful against the skin.

Both fabrics have a medium weight and similar loft. The fleece has more of a tendency to show bumps than the terry even though the terry has more drape. Color and shine probably play into that, but it’s something to keep in mind when deciding what to wear underneath. It seems the only way to hide bumps would be with a high-loft fabric that would then add bulk, which is not the intent of the slimming lines of the Hudsons.

Both fabrics have 8% lycra which gives excellent recovery for joggers. This is my number one reason for recommending these fabrics. The most important feature to me is that it doesn’t sag in the back. The fleece feels the most structured and gives me peace of mind so I don’t even have to check the mirror. Since the terry feels a little lighter I have checked periodically, but even after several days of wearing them they are still holding their shape.

With both pairs I found the ankle band a little hard to get over my feet, which is due to the size of my feet, so I need to make the band a little wider next time. Otherwise once on they are not too tight.


So obviously I’m going to recommend both fabrics. They both are great for lounging around the house. The fleece pair is a true jogger as joggers are meant to be and I’m not afraid to get sweaty in them. The bamboo pair will probably get styled up for fashionable comfortable on the go mom. AKA – trips to the children’s museum and grocery store.

The Fabric Fairy has graciously offered a discount to my readers. Use code “sewjourners” to get 10% off your order this week (ends Monday 3/5/18)

Time Investment:

Recently I started tracking how long it takes me to make things so I can share that with you. I batch sewed the Hudsons which saves time. I made a mistake timing the Lane so I don’t have that for you.

Batch-sewing the Hudsons:

Pattern Assembly/Tracing/Alterations: 30 min

Cut 2 pair: 40 min

Sew 2 pair: 2hr 15 min


Lane: Sized up. Added 2″ to the bodice and 3″ to the sleeves.

Hudsons: Added 3″ length (1.5″ at thigh, 1.5″ at calf). Added 1″ to pocket depth, and scooped out the crotch 1/4″.

*As part of the Indiesew Blogger team I receive a small compensation for this post. As always, all opinions are my own.



  1. Excellent post! I learned a lot about the different fabric choices!!! I love the WHITE top you made it looks amazing on you! I have to admit I have not tried ANY pants in my entire sewing career! However, I have it in my sewing planner THIS year!!! 🙂 You have also inspired me with the type of pants I may want to sew!!! These look so comfortable and sewable without to much fussing (read…fitting) I am going to check them out right now! Oh, and I love Meg at The Fabric Fairy! She and I go way back!!! I made her daughter a summer dress in cotton one time. WAY back!!! Thanks again for your inspiration! Always appreciated!!! 🙂

  2. Thank you for the discount code! Just picked up some Grey Bamboo Cotton Lycra French Terry Fabric! Gorgeous!!! And some cute knits for my grand kids!!! 🙂 Can’t wait to try making some joggers!!!! Thanks for the motivation!

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