Hi, I am Michelle and I make stuff. Mostly I make clothes for my family of 5 but I also make other stuff because I’m a creative (The rarer type A creative breed) and creatives like to make all the things.

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My sewing journey began after my first daughter was born. I had a successful Etsy shop and enjoyed making baby products and connecting with my customers. After my second girl was born I began apparel sewing. I now primarily sew clothes for our family. My husband is 6’4″, I’m 6′ and our kids are long and lean as well. Until I learned to sew we couldn’t find clothes that fit us well. As a beginning sewist I churned out extra long garments as fast as my needle would allow. Over time I have learned about fitting and fashion and have slowed down my process in order to make higher quality tailored garments that we love to wear.

I am excited to have this venue to share whatย I do with sewing and design. You can see my latest creations and create along with me. Thanks for visiting. Please say hi by leaving a comment or email, and follow me on Facebook,ย Instagram, ย and Pinterest. I love getting to know my followers ๐Ÿ™‚


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