Hi, I am Michelle, stay-at-home-mom to two adorable little girls and a baby boy. I’m married to an wonderful man and amazing father. I am devoted to my faith in Christ, and I  enjoy playing with my girls, fitness, organizing and creating in my in-home sewing studio.

My sewing journey began when I opened an Etsy shop after my first daughter was born. It was a successful journey and I enjoyed making baby products and connecting with my customers. After my second little girl was born I began apparel sewing. I now primarily sew clothes for our family. My husband is 6’4″, I’m 6′ and our kids are long and lean as well. Until I began sewing we couldn’t find clothes that fit us well. There is still so much to learn but I hope to make every type of clothing for us that we need. I also hope to share this skill with my kids so they can make clothes that fit them well when they move into adulthood.

I am excited to have this venue to share what I do with sewing and design. You can see my latest creations and create along with me. Thanks for visiting.  Do say hi by leaving a comment or email, and follow me on FacebookInstagram,  and Pinterest. I love getting to know my followers 🙂


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